From Wedding Videographer to Wedding Filmmaker

As many of you know, my background is in narrative short and theatrical feature films. I recently had the privilege of teaching a class on how I see the similarities between wedding films and narrative theatrical films, and why the process of making them should be the same. Check out a little clip from the class below, and if you’re interested in purchasing the class or my class from last year, follow THIS LINK!

The Falls | A Nature Film

As a filmmaker, I never want to stop creating.  Whether that is shooting, writing, editing, conceptualizing, the act of creating never stops.  This weekend I wanted to get out, as the weather turned for a sneak peek at Spring.  I headed to Cummins Falls State Park in Cookeville.  With my DJI Mavic Pro and Panasonic GH5 in hand, I didn't know what to expect, but I just knew I wanted to create.  I spent a few hours hiking around the park, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery.  I took the footage back and decided to edit together a nature film.  I hope you enjoy it!

Love Stories TV Award Nomination!


I am so honored that one of my films has been nominated for a Love Stories TV Editor's Choice Award!

This is the 2nd annual Love Stories TV Wedding Film Awards and over this past year they have featured several of my films, but the one that really stood out to them this year was the incredible wedding film of Tara Layne + Bo.  

Instead of me telling their story, I want Tara Layne to tell it instead.  Their wedding film is also posted below, so be sure to check that out and make sure to bring your tissues.

"On April 22nd, 2017, I married my soulmate. Our wedding day was the perfect fulfillment of a dream.  Something out of a fairytale. When we met four years ago, Bo was in the process of commissioning to be an Officer in the US Army, and I was living my life on the East Coast in New York City.  A trip home to family for Christmas changed that for the both of us.

We have spent far too many nights apart in our 4 years, but the challenges we have faced due to the time and distance away from one another has only deepened our love. Bo and I moved to Nashville together two years ago, and he proposed in what has become our favorite city. We began planning our October wedding until we were notified that Bo would be deploying to Iraq in the early spring of 2016.  After a painful goodbye, I spent 267 days without him.  I spent those days praying for his safety, planning our wedding, and dreaming of the day I would be with him again.   

We are both so very thankful for the friends and family who traveled to Nashville to share this day with us.  Thank you for making us feel loved and celebrated as we start this journey together as husband and wife.  As my husband says, our love story…is our favorite story.  Thank you, Brandon Rice Films for giving the gift of our story back to us.  We loved every second of it."

- Tara Layne

Why Pre-Production Matters in Wedding Filmmaking


As a filmmaker, I come from a background in movies and television where we spent a big part of each project in the pre-production phase.  This phase normally lasted much longer than the production phase where we actually filmed the project, because pre-planning is so important.  I believe this phase  is just as important for your wedding film!

Who Are The Characters?

This is where I get to know YOU!  In a narrative fictional movie, this is where actors audition and are cast for specific roles for the movie, but in this film the main characters are you.  I will start getting to know you from the moment we begin talking.  I will ask questions, sometimes silly ones, and sometimes serious ones regarding each of you and your relationship as well.  Knowing you will help as I know the style you have and the way to craft your film.

What is the Story?

Obviously, it’s a love story!  But what kind of love story!  Is it a “You’ve Got Mail” love story or is it a “Casablanca” love story or “Roman Holiday” or none of the above!  This is the part where I get to ask more questions about how you met when you knew each other were the one and talk through ways we can show and hear that in your film.  We will discuss vows, letters, and other cool ideas to show your story through your wedding film.

Scheduling the Day

This is super important!  Like a normal film production, your wedding will have a schedule.  When certain things will happen and how long they will take.  Going through this with you will help us decide if we need to add any more coverage hours, or if we may need to tweak the schedule to capture everything we want to make your film amazing!  We will talk about specific events happening, maybe significant heirlooms that will need to be captured, or anything else.  Having a great plan of the day is vital to creating a beautiful wedding film.  

Next week we will dive into PRODUCTION, which is the most exhilarating part, but also the shortest part of your wedding film process!  

Why Do I Need A Wedding Film?

This is a question that many couples have and I'd love to give a few reasons you NEED a Wedding Film!



I love photography and appreciate photos so much, but there is something about capturing the movement of real life that has an emotional depth that is so different than a still frame.  I remember even watching back home videos, versus going through a photo album.  Seeing how I interacted with the world, or how my friends and family interacted with each other was so emotional I felt like I was reliving it.


One of the biggest differences between a still photo and video is the audio.  Being able to hear your vows, the speeches your family and friends gave or even just fun chatter during the day is something that will add a new dynamic to looking back on your wedding day.


Whether we like to admit it or not, our memories do fade.  I wish I could remember all the fun experiences or amazing moments of my life, but as much as I wish I could, they get more fuzzy over time.  Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your entire life and it is one you'll want to have captured so that when your memory fades, it can be refreshed when you sit down and watch your film.

These are just a few reasons I believe you should have a wedding film.  I am obviously very passionate about films and have always been, but it really is the best way to preserve a memory forever!