Photographers: 4 Reasons you WANT a Videographer shooting a wedding with you

I know this topic can be a contentious one in the wedding vendor circles, but I’m hoping I can explore some points I’ve observed during my time as a wedding videographer. These rules will not apply to everyone, but if you have a professional experienced videographer who wants to be a part of a creative team for the couple and do a great job, these are some of the benefits you can expect.

Photo Credit: Caley Newberry Photography

Photo Credit: Caley Newberry Photography


As a photographer you no doubt have incredible poses. Sometimes, however, because video requires movement the videographer may suggest poses or scenarios that allow you to capture things you may not have considered. Also just having another creative mind as part of the conversation and process is invaluable.

Creativity indeed breeds creativity and I’ve seen this in action at nearly every wedding I’ve shot. 


With a videographer the client gets more. I would never recommend a client not have a photographer. Each medium is so different and provides the client with unique views of their day.

Still photography beautifully captures those frozen moments in time. Video captures action within those moments. And with audio can give life to the beautifully captured images. Both are important to telling the full story.

Photo Credit: Real Teel Photography

Photo Credit: Real Teel Photography


Most professional videographers use off camera constant light during dark times of the wedding, such as the dance floor during the reception.  And I'm not talking about the horrible daylight balanced massive LED panels, but professional, color temperature adjustable lights!  Many of the photographers I’ve worked with really love when I set these up, not only because it gives them more creative ways to use (or not use) their off camera flash, but simply allows them to better focus their images.


With a videographer as part of the team you have more fun. Seriously!  I ALWAYS enjoy hanging out with every photographer I work with!  By the end of the day I often know how their season is going, their kid’s names (or cats name in some cases), their best and worst wedding story, etc.  If I was the only person on a creative team at a wedding and there was no photographer, it would make the day much less enjoyable!

These are just a few reasons that you, as a photographer, may want to consider having a professional videographer at every wedding you shoot!