Why Pre-Production Matters in Wedding Filmmaking


As a filmmaker, I come from a background in movies and television where we spent a big part of each project in the pre-production phase.  This phase normally lasted much longer than the production phase where we actually filmed the project, because pre-planning is so important.  I believe this phase  is just as important for your wedding film!

Who Are The Characters?

This is where I get to know YOU!  In a narrative fictional movie, this is where actors audition and are cast for specific roles for the movie, but in this film the main characters are you.  I will start getting to know you from the moment we begin talking.  I will ask questions, sometimes silly ones, and sometimes serious ones regarding each of you and your relationship as well.  Knowing you will help as I know the style you have and the way to craft your film.

What is the Story?

Obviously, it’s a love story!  But what kind of love story!  Is it a “You’ve Got Mail” love story or is it a “Casablanca” love story or “Roman Holiday” or none of the above!  This is the part where I get to ask more questions about how you met when you knew each other were the one and talk through ways we can show and hear that in your film.  We will discuss vows, letters, and other cool ideas to show your story through your wedding film.

Scheduling the Day

This is super important!  Like a normal film production, your wedding will have a schedule.  When certain things will happen and how long they will take.  Going through this with you will help us decide if we need to add any more coverage hours, or if we may need to tweak the schedule to capture everything we want to make your film amazing!  We will talk about specific events happening, maybe significant heirlooms that will need to be captured, or anything else.  Having a great plan of the day is vital to creating a beautiful wedding film.  

Next week we will dive into PRODUCTION, which is the most exhilarating part, but also the shortest part of your wedding film process!