How Is a Wedding Film Made?



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Just like a film or TV show production, the first part of pre-production is information gathering.  What is the time-period of this show, who are the characters, what is the plot, who gets the girl?  The same is true of a wedding film.  Through phone calls, coffee, text messages, questionnaires, etc. I learn about you both as a couple. This is YOUR story and information gathering is all about you.  Will you be writing letters, where will the wedding be taking place, what time will events happen, are there significant heirlooms at your wedding?  All of these questions and more shape the pre-production phase of your wedding film. 


Your wedding film production begins the moment I arrive on site. Typically I will arrive with enough time to film some establishing shots of your venue. Then I will move into filming the prep time. Capturing the details of your day, the dress, bouquets, gift exchange, letter writing, etc. Prep time is something no one else will see and is always a great part of the production! A great moment during production is First Look, an intimate time where the bride and groom see each other for the first time. I always try to capture the audio of this special moment as well. Audio is extremely important throughout the day and I will be bringing special gear to make sure it is captured cleanly and clearly. The ceremony will be captured by multiple cameras, and I will remain as unobtrusive as possible. One of the most important times during production is couple shots, or as I call them "the romantics." These shots are some of the most beautiful and special of your day. I may direct you to walk a certain direction or look at each other at a certain time. At times it may feel weird, but remember, this is your wedding film and you are the stars! Production wraps up during the reception, which is one of my favorite parts. I love capturing the energy of the party during the reception as well as those tear-jerking speeches. It always makes for a great finish to an awesome day.


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This is where your story is all put together. All of the planning of pre-production, and shooting of production come together in the post-production phase. Your film is edited carefully, color graded and stylized in a cinematic way. A custom soundtrack is picked out that fits your wedding, and finally the audio captured during your day is mixed in to tell your story. Finally your film is rendered and posted online. I will send a link for you to see it before it goes LIVE to the public. Once it's LIVE you can share your amazing story with your family and friends!