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From time to time folks ask me about mentorship and teaching.  This is one of my passions!  Most of my skills both technically and even artistically have been learned while either with a mentor or on set of a production in the past.  Learning direct from someone who can focus on you and your strengths and weaknesses is a HUGE DEAL!  I have set up several options below that can work both if you're local or not, but my biggest piece of advice is to get out and shoot!  Shoot shoot shoot and then edit edit edit!  Nothing can take the place of just doing it, but along the way I may be able to help answer questions and tell you things I've learned over my years not only in wedding filmmaking but in other types of production as well!  Please reach out to me on my direct email: to learn more and get started!  Hope to hear from you soon!

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Mentorship Options

2 Hour Coffee-shop Mentorship Session: $300 (We can chat about gear, business, marketing I can answer questions, talk about the theory behind filmmaking and production as well. I'll bring gear with me for you to check out.)

2 Hour Skype Mentorship Session: $250 (We can chat about gear, business, marking, I can answer questions you have, screen share my editing suite and talk about the theory behind filmmaking and production as well)

If you want to explore other mentorship opportunities, I would love to customize specifically for you as well!

Please fill out the mentorship request form HERE and I will get back to you as soon as possible!