Why I Shoot Wedding Films Solo

Photo Credit: Molly Weir Photography

Photo Credit: Molly Weir Photography

Often people ask me why I am primarily a solo wedding cinematographer and I wanted to give a few reasons why.  

Small Footprint

I want a wedding to be focused on the couple and not on the "production" behind it.  By shooting solo and maintaining a small footprint with the gear I bring, it allows me to be relatively unnoticed throughout the day.  One of the best comments I've received is when a couple remarks that they barely noticed I was there!  

Consistent Footage

Even with the most experienced 2nd shooter, there will always be differences in styles between two people.  When watching back a film, cohesion is one of the things that can tie it all together.  In rare circumstances a 2nd may be needed for some additional coverage, but on most typical days it will only provide more of the same footage that doesn't always match as well to the lead cinematographer's style.

Overall Client Experience

I don't want my clients to simply have a team come shoot their wedding, I want them to know that I personally will be shooting their wedding.  As we talk and get to know each other, a certain level of trust is developed.  A wedding is not your average type of event, it is not only one of the most important events for these two people and their families but also a very intimate time.  Making sure that I am there personally to shoot every piece of footage that goes into their film is something that I care deeply about.

These are just a few of the reasons I prefer to shoot wedding films solo.  I have the honor of speaking on this very topic at the 2018 WPPI Conference this February in Las Vegas!  Very excited to be speaking on a topic I am very passionate about! 

SPECIAL NOTE:  This post is in no way meant to discount other studios or cinematographers who work with teams but this is simply some of the reasons I love what I do and why I do!  Thanks for reading!